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Picture of Dr. Felicia ClarkHi, it’s Dr. Felicia Clark here and I am guessing you’re here because you’d like to learn a little bit more about me, and perhaps why I am qualified to help you reach your goals.

As you probably can tell from all of the credentials on my website, I am considered one of America’s leading coaches on body acceptance and overcoming fat shame culture. I also coach women on the math and science of healthy relationships and how women reclaim their feminine energy. I’ve written books, for blogs, have a successful coaching practice, and am a frequent media guest. I have helped thousands of people reach their goals and I can help you, too.

But, the reality is, it wasn’t always that way. You see, I’m probably a lot like you in several ways.  I followed the things that I was taught to do and thought the more beautiful I could be, the better life would work out. When my life was off track, I concluded that I needed to be prettier for my life to improve. If I wanted a quality relationship, a good job, and for my dreams to come true, I would have to work hard at  being pretty.

I worked so hard at being prettier and prettier, I was signed to the top modeling agency in the country. While modeling, I was shocked to learn that the women you see in magazines, on television and in movies still don’t think they are beautiful enough, either. Their body image and self-esteem is no better than most women’s. They, too, are part of the 80% of women who dislike their body. Previously, I had assumed that models liked their body and had a dream life.

Then something strange happened…

I stopped obsessing about being pretty and decided to be happy…but I didn’t know how. I studied with experts all over the United States and abroad on happiness. I then used my skills as a math curriculum developer to verify or disprove the claims of these experts. I researched statistics, science and data to discover amazing secrets to the science of happiness. I uncovered data that dispelled many myths surrounding how to have a fulfilling life.  One huge myth about happiness is that is has something to do with fitting society’s beauty standard – it doesn’t.

Sadly, I also discovered statistics like women average 13 negative beliefs about their body each day. OUCH!!! A woman being confident in her body is one of the keys to the science of happiness. So, I used my curriculum developer skills to create a method to teach women how to like their bodies. I started testing my curriculum on a few friends, family members, and colleagues. They started to experience success, fulfillment and joy. They began experiencing happiness that they never thought was possible.

And now, I am inviting you to discover these secrets as well.  For a few select clients, I can support you one on one and in small groups. I have only a few spaces to work with individual clients. So, if you would like to see if one on one coaching works for you, sign-up for ‘Fridays With Felicia’ where new clients can experience my coaching at an introductory rate.

Thanks for taking time to learn more about how we can achieve success together and I do wish you all the best in everything you do in life.


Dr. Felicia Clark

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